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When an area is continually exposed to undesirable levels of damp, it provides the perfect environment for wet rot and dry rot fungal infestations to take root. They can affect the timber, brickwork and masonry in your home.

Dealing with fungal infestations


Wet rot and dry rot are both types of fungal infestation that occur when a property is too wet. Wet rot requires a higher level of damp than dry rot if it is to take hold. Our technicians are experts at identifying the specific infestation and will also track down the cause of the increased level of damp that led to the problem.

Accurate infestation diagnosis

 •  Identify the fungus

 •  Find the cause of the damp

 •  Repair the problem

 •  Replace infected timbers

 •  Treat area with suitable fungicide

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We were established in 1983 so have more than 30 years' buildings preservation experience

Both problems need to be treated by applying antifungal agents to woodwork and brickwork. In many cases, it will probably prove necessary to replace infected timbers and brickwork,

Complete wet and dry rot treatment services at competitive prices


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Our solutions

Treating wet and dry rot

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