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Damp in any building can be caused by a number of problems and it can have a variety of effects. Let our professional damp proofing surveyors identify the cause and identify the most effective solution for you.

Comprehensive damp proofing


We have been providing damp proofing solutions in East Anglia for more than 30 years. We are so convinced about the quality of our damp proofing work that we offer a full 20 year guarantee. For further details about our service and our very competitive prices call us on 01603 860 086

Guaranteed damp proofing

 •  Condensation treatment

 •  Brickwork treatments

 •  Timber treatments

 •  Waterproof membranes

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Cost efficient and effective damp treatments across

East Anglia


Most dampness in a property is caused by condensation. It can occur in old and new homes. We offer ventilation solutions and a full survey of the entire property to ensure all condensation damage is identified.

Quality results from using the best treatments on the market

Our services include

Condensation treatment

Damp proofing is just one of the building preservation skills we offer to our customers across East Anglia. You can find out about other services our technicians offer by clicking here on woodworm, wet and dry rot, waterproofing and timber conservation.

Extensive building preservation skills

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